The Heretic Heart (dandycat) wrote,
The Heretic Heart


I know it't cheating, but I think I'll revise and finish my DBSK fanfic as my NaNoWriMo project.

Sue me. :P

I'm thinking of making the YunJae chapter more graphic. Forgive me the seemingly uncharacteristic self-consciousness about it. It is one thing to be comfortable reading smutfic but writing it is a whole different story. This may require more...research on my part, LOL.

One thing is certain. Before November 1st, I need to update my OMFG It's Dong Bang Fucking Shin Ki posts at least one more time. This LJ is in need of more lulz.

Incidentally, I know my fic isn't the greatest thing I've written, but I'd appreciate more feedback on it from you connosieurs of DBSK fics. I'm never going to get better without help. *puppy eyes*

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Tags: bias, but is it art?, creative endeavors, dbsk, die sme die, fangirl skills are sometimes amazing, fml yunjae, long time no post, oh korea, ot5, susu butt, u-ho yunho, via ljapp, yoo sexy motherfucker, you don't mess around with min
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