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The War of the Maknaes

About five months ago, I posted this picture

in my twitter with the following byline:

"As much as I love the Min (and you know I love the Min), I gotta name ChansUNF the Hottest Maknae in KPop."

Needless to say, Changmin was displeased.

And soon, this photo was leaked:

I told him he could have his number one spot back. And not just the number one maknae spot, but my number one bias, the one he was the first to claim when I saw Mirotic for the first time.

Chansung got word of this and of course, had to remind me of his qualifications:

But Changmin was one step ahead, leaking the "Hey, I've been working out" pictures:

And I was of course, intrigued.

Chansung's response was to dye his hair red:

But I remained steadfast with Changmin as my number one bias. However, Min does not forgive easily, and I have a feeling that he's not done punishing me yet. How do I know this?

SMTown happened. Changmin tore his shirt.


But he's not giving it all up yet. Changmin is determined to make me suffer for my transgressions. He may be a maknae, but he is older and wiser than Chansung, who threw one last curveball at me:

But somehow, I don't think Changmin is worried.

Tags: bias, dbsk, it's jyp and 2pm baby, picspam jfc, unf, you don't mess around with min
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