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Ssh. It's all right Yunho-yah. There, there. Why don't you take that atrocious fur thing off and hand me the...fake alligator. Yes.

Key, do you mind? Go get Yunho a blanket. He's had a...traumatic experience.

Chorus Magazine, you say?

Thank you for the blanket, Key, now run along. No, you can't have the car. If you want to go to the mall, get a ride with Jonghyun. Don't forget to take Taemin with you. You'd better wipe that salty look off your face, right now.


Chorus Magazine just made my list of things to do today. But...something tells me that this has been coming for a while. Let's retrace your steps.

The photoshoot you did for the September issue of Spur was sooooooo good! There were some signs of strain, though. Like here.

I mean, was Austin Powers your photographer?

There's your work for the August issue of Fujin Koron.

WHAT. THE. HELL. Yunho, that shirt and vest combo make you look like your moobs are sagging. And what's with the incredibly awkward "come hither" stare. This looks like a bad first time porno shoot waiting to happen. No. Just. No.

I had to include this because THIS IS HOW YOU SHOULD LOOK AT ALL TIMES.

Have you been to an acting coach? Because you've gotten better.

And your work in August's Switch Magazine, entitled,

Switch? Stand alone? Are you trying to send some sort of message to someone? And whose idea was it for you to go barefoot?

There are a lot of things on a dancer that are nice to look at, but their feet ain't one of them, I don't care what Joss Whedon says. *shudder*

It hasn't been all bad. Look at you here:

Who is that sexy motherfucker? Oh yeah, it's you, sans the six bottles of soju you've downed before all these other photoshoots which make you look like you're about to burst into tears at any moment.

Even your airport photos lately leave much to be desired:

Only Changmin is allowed this much salty-face at the airport. There is a difference between salty and stoic, U-Know.

Aren't you clever. Well, I guess that proves you can even werq the salty face when you put some effort into it. It's just too bad that it's been showing up repeatedly ever since the "Stand By U" video. Don't believe me? This. Is. From. February.

You look like you've been crying, Yunho-yah. You can't hide your tears from your intrepid fangirls.

Ever since, yes, ever since you and Jaejoong split up these sad expressions have been turning up like a bad penny. This is a desperate cry for help!

Buck up, bb. Do another Evisu photoshoot or find someone in Japan who values what you can bring to the table.

Yes. Like that. Now, doesn't that feel better?


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Jul. 30th, 2010 10:09 am (UTC)
yup yup
what annoys me the most is that it has been an ever rollercoster with this dude. Sometimes he has been amazingly hot and sometimes he has been so fugly I go "why the fuck do I think you are hot?"
I guess that standing in a group, other members have been up lifting the pretty in the shots. Now that he stands alone, the sad truth commences...
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