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Warnings: I am a lying liar who lies. Implied YunJae. FML.

Legal Notice: Dong Bang Shin Ki belongs to themselves and SM Entertainment (boo! hiss!). Everything else is mine.

Rating: Rated R for language.

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That went well.

Changmin leaned back against the dank cell wall with Junsu cradled in his arms. Lying on the lower bunk of the bunk bed to his left, Yoochun started awake. "Terrible. Nightmare." he mumbled before drifting off to a dreamless sleep. Directly across the cell from Changmin and Junsu was Yunho, who sat with his long legs drawn up to his chest and, every so often, stole glances out of the corner of his eye at Jaejoong, who sat with his back to everyone in the opposite corner from the two youngest members.

Yunho had on what the others called his "poker face". Min could see right through him, but out of respect for his hyung, did not make efforts to do so. Most of the time. But Yunho's emotions were so powerful that they seemed to color everything around him. Reds of anger, blues of heartache, sickly greens of self-loathing, purples of passion. Yunho was replaying a conversation over in his head so loudly that Changmin half expected the others to hear it too.

Jaejoong is pleading with tears in his eyes. "Yunho-yah, come with us. You know it's the right thing to do." But I am already shaking my head. My father had warned me against going against my elders, made me promise to be loyal to the company that helped to raise my family out of poverty. And I am not about to disappoint my father. Not even for Jaejoong. Jaejoong's eyes that shine, shoulders that shudder, warm hands that take mine and place them on either side of his face. "Yunho," he whispers, "we can be the masters of our own destiny. We can go where we want, do what we want. Junsu has a plan."

Yunho banged his head against the wall behind him. Hard.

"Is it true, what everyone is saying?" My father quietly says to me over a rare breakfast together. "No, Appa. It's just for show." I looked up and smiled. "It's called fanservice." My father wipes his mouth curtly. "Well, maybe it's best that you put an end to this when you can." I almost drop my spoon. "Yunho, you're never going to get a wife if women have the wrong idea about you." My cellphone rings. It is Jaejoong. My father sighs. "Is it that street urchin again?" I can feel the veins in my neck throb. "Don't call him that, Appa." I say it a little too firmly, and a dark cloud passes over my father's face. He knows. Oh, God, he knows!

Yunho buried his head in his folded arms.

I am at home, in my room, behind the locked door of my walk-in closet. Yoochun is crying somewhere. It's raining outside in the way it does when he cries. Junsu is calmly packing up his playstation games. Jaejoong is drunk on tequila, throwing pots and pans haphazardly into several cardboard boxes stationed at random in the kitchen. Min materializes out of thin air. "It's a sound plan, hyung." he whispers, "Think of the changes that could come about for everyone else!" I take his hand in mine and beg him to stay with me. Min sits down beside me and says, "I don't have any plans for the rest of the day, hyung." Min pauses. "Ah, but you don't mean now. You mean...but that's career suicide!" A tear spills down my cheek and Min solemnly nods his assent.

As he helped his hyung to sleep, Min wondered why Yunho didn't just make up with Jae already.

As if he had sensed the exact moment when Yunho had drifted off to sleep, Jaejoong's body visibly relaxed. He rose to his feet and walked towards Yunho, hesitating for a moment before sitting down next to him. Knowing how uncomfortable Yunho would be if he stayed sleeping in that position, he took his shirt off, folded it neatly and after helping Yunho into a supine position, laid the shirt under Yunho's head like a makeshift pillow.

Changmin pretended to go to sleep, but still watched them between nearly-closed eyelids. After a while, Jaejoong began to tenderly caress Yunho's cheeks and hair, gently, so as not to wake him up. Jaejoong's mind began to wander.

"His name is Jung Yunho", my new friend Yoochun replies, pointing to the tall, spiky-haired boy across the room from us. I try to be cool. "His teeth could use some work. Who is that girl he's hanging out with?" Yoochun shakes his head and laughs. "That's not a girl. That's Heechul." He pauses, as if for effect. "Jealous?" My eyes widen and my mouth drops open. "Who me? No, man. I like girls!" Yoochun tilts his head at me. "But you like guys, too. Am I right?" I start to shake my head, but then I start nodding. Yoochun claps me on the shoulder. "It's cool, it's cool. Just don't hit on me." I shove him playfully. "Like I would! You're too greasy." Yoochun laughs heartily. "Fair enough. But watch out for Yunho. I hear he's very religious." I feel myself smile broadly. "I like a challenge."

Jaejoong started to run his index finger along the gold cross necklace that Yunho still wore around his neck.

Another Christmas I don't get to visit my relatives. But my new family is all around me. Chun, Su-su and Min have all gone to bed. It's just Yunho and me. We're sitting together on the living room couch when he turns to me. "Well, it's midnight. Do you want to open your present now?" He's so nervous. It's cute. "Okay," I say and he thrusts a small, neatly wrapped box into my hands. Trying not to appear too eager, I slowly open my present. I can tell it's torture for Yunho, but that's just part of the fun. It's a pair of platinum cross earrings. "I know you're not religious-" I put my hand over his mouth and smile. "They're perfect!" Suddenly, Yunho kisses the palm of my hand, then my wrist, and as he makes his way up my arm, I gasp. He stops suddenly and blushes. "I'm...I'm sorry." I wave my hands frantically. "No, it's okay!" He covers his face in his hands. "Oh, God. Oh, Go-" I stop him with my lips over his. Soon, clothes are coming off, we're on the floor, my fingers are digging into the carpet, into Yunho's shoulders and he's crying out my name; it's a beautiful, messy blur. Later, entangled in each other's arms and legs, I whisper, "Do you want your present?" He smiles, and says "You don't have to get me anything. I have what I want right here." But I wriggle out of his arms anyway, crawl over to my discarded pants a few feet away and return to him, drizzling a gold necklace with a cross pendant onto his chest. "Merry Christmas, Yunho."

Yunho was deep asleep at this point. His eyes and mouth are starting to open. He mumbled. "Jae..."

"Jae, no matter what, remember that I love you." The movers are taking our things away and SME security are escorting Yoochun, Junsu and I away from the home we've shared with Yunho and Changmin for six years. We are all crying. There's a wild thunderstorm outside and Changmin keeps telling Yoochun to scale it down a bit. "I love you!" Yunho shouts above the squall. Junsu and Changmin are hugging and security is trying to tear them away from each other. Changmin loses his temper and sends them flying with telekinesis. "Min, no!" Yunho says too late. Faster than even any of us can even think, Kim Young Min appears and saps Changmin of his powers and consciousness and grabs Junsu by the throat. Everything goes dark. When I awake, Yoochun, Junsu and I are in our new condo.

Changmin almost said out loud that Mr. Kim must have tapped Taemin's powers, but he doesn't want to spoil the moment to come. A teardrop landed on Yunho's cheek, awakening him. He looked up into the smiling face of Jaejoong, pulled himself back up to a seated position and they embraced.

And Shim Changmin could finally rest easy.


Within 24 hours of Frequency's worldwide announcement, fans from all over the world began to flood into Seoul. The lucky ones who had powers that helped with travel (flight, super-speed, teleportation) didn't have to face the nightmare that was Gimpo Airport. Commercial flights were full. Many fans pooled their money to hire chartered jets. Some of the less law-abiding types just stole Lear Jets for their journey. Midori set up a teleportation system for those who could not (or would not) take advantage of any other option to get there.

And then there was the matter of getting past customs. Midori sold one of her casinos in Macao in order to pay the bribes needed to smooth out any difficulties in that arena.

Seoul, massive though it is, was not quite prepared for two million fans to suddenly take up residence. Hotels were slammed with as many as six to a room. And watching very closely, Midori knew, was Kim Young Min.

Midori Mifune drew the blinds in her posh KangNam condo while Tatsuya made arrangements for catering that evening. Tonight was important. she had to rally the troops and prove herself worthy of her self-appointed leadership. Already, the Korean Cassies were angling for a coup. An impressive show of strength and the ability to unify the fangirls was essential.

At dusk, Midori Mifune stood on her veranda and surveyed the throngs below. Conservative estimates placed the crowd at 800,000 but Sophie had assured her that there were more than two million people on the ground, looking to march under her banner and that of her generals. The question was, were they worthy of the task?

Microphones were placed and as a spotlight hit her face, Midori clutched one hand to her chest, while her other arm was lifted into the air in a fist. She sang out, "Don't cry for me...South Korea..." Behind her back, Frequency, Sophie and Edessa exchanged looks. Midori then lifted both hands into the air and continued, "Don't cry for me, South Korea...the truth is, Dong Bang boys need you...to come together...across the nations...so cut the bullshit...or face retribution...

Thank you, thank you all for coming. In approximately two hours, you will all be sorted into five forces. The Jaejoong Corps, The Yunho Corps, the Yoochun Corps, the Junsu Corps and the Changmin Corps. I am your commander-in-chief, Midori Mifune."

She paused, and continued. "But before we begin, I want to show you how serious I am about saving our boys. So I would like to address the anti-fans that I know are in the audience." A chorus of boos broke out. "We all like to pretend that you don't exist, but you do exist, don't you? Our beloved leader-sshi Yunho has learned of you firsthand. And recently, another band that many of us cared about was badly hurt because of you pathetic wastes of space. So, to thank you for forcing Park Jaebom out of 2pm and signing petitions urging him to kill himself, I have brought a special present all the way from America just for you."

Midori giggled and lifted a single finger into the air. Immediately, missiles rose out of the roof of the building she was in and pointed straight at the shocked crowd. "Now for all you people who still have blood pumping in and out of your heart, you have nothing to worry about. But you anti-fans...well, as we Japanese like to say, "Sayonara, Motherfuckers!"

The missiles fired into the crowd and exploded over the heads of the masses. Most people felt nothing. But the anti-anti-fan missiles are guided both by technological and psychological auras that surround each person. No one was spared for their cruelty. When all was said and done, 4000 lay in comas reliving the pain they had inflicted on others again and again. Initially, bystanders were horrified, but slowly, a stronger feeling came over them; that of respect. They knew that this bitch meant serious business. Midori spoke once more. "Be ready for your sorting in two hours. That is all," and with that, she walked away from the podium.

Edessa was aghast. she stopped the other three women and addressed Midori specifically. "How could you do something like that?"

Midori smiled and responded, "Because I'm evil." She walked past Edessa and sat down in her dining room to take part in some sashimi. Edessa turned to the other women and protested, "How could you let her do that?"

Frequency rolled her eyes but Sophie looked straight at Edessa. "Because we're not."


Feb. 26th, 2010 12:44 am (UTC)
I like the psychological aspects of it.

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