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Know your role and shut your mouth.

So I watched figure skating for the first time in like, for-ev-ah just now.

Kim Yu-na kicked the entire world's ass and set another world record for high score (which was previously set by her, natch).

Scott Hamilton, breathless in his praise, stated that "there is no bigger celebrity in South Korea than Kim Yu-na."



Excuse me Scott, I have some gentlemen here who would beg to differ:

Even my husband wtfed at that.

I am making my prediction for the Vancouver Olympics. The Americans aren't even going to medal. Kim Yu-na for the ladies' gold, Mao Asada for the ladies' silver and Nobunari Oda for the mens' gold.


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Oct. 18th, 2009 07:36 pm (UTC)
lol. /waiting for dongbangnation. kthx 8)
Oct. 18th, 2009 07:40 pm (UTC)
I can't watch figure skating anymore; it makes me cry because I am a failed figure skater. I worked briefly with Lisa Spitz (Mark's cousin and a damn good skater herself). I used to meet skating celebs when I was taking lessons etc. My cousin was a great skater, but her eye problems forced her out of the sport. It's a real black spot on my life. I loved my mom, but I wish to God she never paid for those fucking lessons. I was so severely pigeon toed as a child that I had to go to NYC to have special skates made for me. Don't even ask me about ballet; it was a nightmare. That's why I took up English show jumping; you ride pigeon toed. Of course the money ran out and I had to give up the one sport I was meant to pursue. Yeah, I'm a bitter bitch, what can I tell you. I'm on the rag today; forgive me.

I guess Scott Hamilton is just not up on Asian pop culture.

Knowing me, I'll wind up watching the fucking skating anyway. I like to punish myself.
Oct. 18th, 2009 08:24 pm (UTC)
Not to jump on the Yu-na hate train, but....... meh. She may have been close to perfect technically, but I find her so awkward. I would much prefer to watch Sasha Cohen, technical inconsistencies and all.
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