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I don't believe this...

Some of you may recall the recent visit I got from the muse in the form of these two:

First this guy wouldn't leave me alone. When I tried to shut the door on him he stuck his foot in the doorway. Finally, I let him in and made him some iced tea:

Excuse me. You didn't think you could get away with making a fic that has Siwon as some sort of flying brick without giving me something awesome to do, did you? Oh and you can kiss your no yaoi rule goodbye now. You're welcome, betch.

Then the doorbell rang again:

Junsu: Oh. Hi, Sabrina. I didn't know you already had a guest. Here, I brought you this! *holds out slushie*
Sabrina: It's okay, Junsu. Heechul was just leaving, weren't you Heechul?
Heechul: You own The Returner? Ha! Ooh, slushie! *takes slushie*
Sabrina: Damn it.
Heechul, calling from the living room: Let's get drunk and watch this piece of shit!
Sabrina: Why don't you come inside, Junsu?
Junsu: All right.
Heechul: Tequila?
*two hours later*
Junsu: So I'm thinking I should have a big dramatic moment.
Sabrina: You lose an organ. What else do you want?
Junsu stares at me intently: I want to make Changmin cry like a little girl.
Sabrina: Done.

The doorbell rang again:

Siwon: I smell alcohol. Heechul, are you trying to corrupt Junsu again?
Heechul: *hic* Siwon, I am offended! I don't need to get Junsu plashtered in order to corrupt him!
Heechul leans over and plants a big sloppy kiss on Junsu. Junsu giggles.
Siwon sighs and crooks a finger at me: A moment, Mrs Choi?
Sabrina: Sure thing, Mr. Choi.
Siwon: This...is going to get a little weird. I'll be honest with you. It might take you out of your comfort zone.
I look over at Heechul and Junsu who are both passed out cold on my couch. Try me.
Siwon: I wantyoutowriteyaoismutformeandheechul.
Sabrina: *blinks* What?
Siwon: And a gratuitous scene with me being dominated by Yoona.
Sabrina: Yoona?

Yoona, poking her head in the door: My ears are burning. Is someone talking about me?
Sabrina and Siwon: No!
Yoona: Oh. Ok. Well I want to shoot energy blasts out of my hands. Make it happen. Please. Yoona exits.
Sabrina: Um...sure. *waves*

Siwon tugs on my sleeve: So, are you going to do it?
Sabrina: For you, Siwon. Because you asked so nicely.


Aug. 22nd, 2009 07:19 pm (UTC)
personally I'd love to corrupt Siwon myself...ooh throw in some Sungmin and I'm so there...(although Sungmin doesn't need corrupting).

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