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Warnings: This chapter contains a lot of violence. Not for the squeamish. Also includes Mood Whiplash and a major Kick the Dog moment. This story will later contain NC-17 levels of het!smut, so if you're yaoi biased, you're out of luck. Edit (3.15.10): Oh, wait.

Plot Notice: DBSK has superpowers. Set in an AU where there are a lot of people who are mutants, like the X-Men.

Legal Notice: Dong Bang Shin Ki belong to themselves and SM Entertainment (boo! hiss!). Everything else is mine.

Personal Note: This is my first DBSK fic. Be gentle when popping my cherry ;)

One by one, their hoods were removed and Yunho was the first to be taken away. After a bright light was thrust in his face, the interrogation began with a hard smack to his mouth. To Yunho’s shock and horror, he could taste blood.

The interrogator spoke in mocking tones. “How long has it been, leader-sshi? How long has it been since you tasted your own blood?”

Yunho winced and licked the blood trickling out of the corner of his mouth. Stunned, he replied, “Not since puberty.”

The interrogator snickered. “Which one of you is the Superweapon?”

Well, that was quick, thought Yunho. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. We’re just entertainers.”

The interrogator delivered another hard slap to Yunho’s face. “Don’t lie to me. We know SM Entertainment is just a front. The whole company is riddled with powerful mutants; you, for instance.”

Yunho’s eyes widened. If the North Korean government knows about SME, there is no telling what else they know. “Well, I’m the only member of Dong Bang Shin Ki who has any offensive powers, so why don’t you just take me and let the others go?”

A young, but highly decorated officer standing behind the double-sided glass whispered. “He’s lying.”

The interrogator smiled and spoke again to Yunho. “So, you’re the Superweapon?”

Yunho nodded. “Yes.”

The interrogator provided a match from his pocket. “I see. Well, Mr. Jung. If you can light this match without touching it, I will let the others go.”

Much to Yunho’s dismay, something that had once been so simple had become impossible. Try as hard as he could, Yunho could not ignite that match.

The interrogator continued. “Performance anxiety? No matter.” He untied Yunho and beckoned him to stand up. “Hit me.”

Yunho smiled nervously. “I’d kill you.”

The interrogator smirked. “Do it for your friends. One hit. If you kill me, your friends are free to go.”

Yunho sighed, whispered a prayer under his breath, and with one strategically placed strike, killed the interrogator where he stood. Yunho crossed himself, strode over to the double-paned glass and yelled. “Just because my powers don’t work, it doesn’t mean I can’t kick your ass. Now come out, you coward! I know you’re back there.”

The young officer walked into the room confidently and Yunho found he could no longer move his arms or legs. The officer briefly applauded and spoke. “Good day, Mr. Jung. I am Captain Han Nam-il. Your display was…most impressive! Even without your super strength, you were able to kill a man with your bare hands. Tell me, how does it feel to be a murderer?”

“I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you," said Yunho defiantly, "I killed your lackey. Let my boys go. Now.”

“You’re in no position to be giving orders, Mr. Jung, leader or no. Nice try, though.” Captain Han motioned for guards to take Yunho away.

“No, please! Take me! Leave my boys alone!”

Captain Han strode over to Yunho and looked up into his face. “Name the Superweapon.” Yunho answered by spitting in his face. The captain sighed and continued as the guards entered the room and surrounded Yunho. “It must be terrible, knowing that you can’t protect your friends. They are going to be tortured, every one of them, until the Superweapon reveals himself.”

Yunho’s screams echoed down the halls as he was led back to the small cell where the members of Dong Bang Shin Ki were being kept. Yoochun, Junsu and Changmin were gone. Jaejoong was lying face down on the concrete floor.

Yunho knelt beside Jaejoong and spoke softly in a tender tone while gently brushing the older man’s hair behind his ear so that he might get a better look at his face. “What’s the matter, Boo? Did they get rough with you too?”

Jaejoong turned his battered face to Yunho and then laid his head back down. Speaking into the concrete floor, his voice was slightly muffled, but it had an unmistakable edge to it. “Would ‘Ow, ow, fucking ow’ suffice? And please don't rhyme.”

Yunho sat and drew his long legs up to his chest. “You’re going to have to get your face redone. Sucks to be you.”

Jaejoong didn’t even look up. “Like I’m the only one who’s had work done, Snagglepuss.”

Yunho tore at his polo shirt until he had ripped off a good sized portion, exposing his midriff. Jaejoong groaned.

“Yunho, we just got here and you’re already resorting to this? God help you if you ever spend any significant time in prison.”

Yunho just sat in silence, tearing the large piece of fabric into strips. Then he started bandaging Jaejoong’s wounds. Finally, he whispered, “If I had to guess, I’d say this place has a power-dampening system, which means we can’t rely on Yoochun to fix you up.”

“Thank you, Captain Obvious.”

Yunho slammed his fist onto the floor. “Damn it, Jae. I am trying to stay calm and think of a plan. You’re not being helpful, our powers are gone, and…and they’re hurting our boys.” Yunho’s breathing hitched and a single tear ran down his cheek. “I can’t do anything to protect you.”

“Maybe SME…”

“SME isn’t going to do anything now. Besides, can you imagine the international shitstorm that would ensue if a bunch of superpowered flower boys invaded North Korea? Shisus!”

Jaejoong sat up with a start and pointed at Yunho.“Don’t blaspheme!”

“I don’t care what you believe. He’s not a god, so shut up!" Yunho hung his head and sighed. Emotional outbursts like this were so out of character for him and even though anyone in his position would be feeling touchy, he was ashamed of himself. "Do you think I want to sit and trade barbs with you all day? I feel so…so…”

Jaejoong smiled despite his swollen mouth. “Powerless?”

Yunho smiled back. “Now who’s being Captain Obvious?”

“I thought I’d give you a break. But I go easy on you. What do you think Changmin-”

Yunho cut Jae off with a wave of his hand. “Don’t remind me. I shudder to think of what they’re doing to him now.”


“I said, you’re thinking about your Mama. Naked,” said Changmin with a smirk.

The sergeant turned to the double-paned window and spoke through grinding teeth. “Can I just kill him now, please?”

Captain Han, who was standing on the other side of the glass slapped his forehead and whispered, “You imbecile, don’t say things like that out loud! I can hear your thoughts, you know.”

“Yes, please kill me.” Changmin said. “Just untie me from the wall first. I’m not here to participate in your perverted Jaejoong fantasy, you freak.”

The sergeant scowled. “Should I just submerge you in water then?”

“No, that doesn’t work for me anymore. Yunho stole that bit, the bastard.”

About 4 meters to Changmin’s left, a husky voice spoke. “Shisus, Min!" Yoochun paused, winced, and continued, "Stop antagonizing the man. You’re going to get us all killed!”

Changmin rolled his eyes and turned his head to face Yoochun, who was seated in a chair with metal cuffs around his wrists and ankles. At first it seemed to him that the ropes binding him by the wrist were loosened, but then he decided it was his mind playing tricks on him as a side effect of the power dampening system. “First of all, if you don’t stop saying "Shisus", I am going to find a way to snap these ropes, walk over there and smack you senseless. Secondly, they’re not going to kill us. They’ll ransom us for sod so their people can eat this winter!”

The sergeant walked over to a console in the middle of the room and pressed a button. Without turning around, he addressed them. “Mr. Shim is both correct and incorrect. We are not going to kill you.” A hole opened up in the floor in front of the console and a cylindrical glass compartment containing Junsu rose up.

Changmin scoffed. “Oh, for crying out loud. Can’t you people get anything right? Yoochun is supposed to be encased in glass. Junsu is supposed be…what was he doing, anyway?”

Yoochun answered. “I think he was being assaulted by a laser light show or something.”

Changmin continued. “That’s it. You can kill two birds with one stone if you put him in a tank of water and shoot lasers at him! Maybe you can get some dolphins and attach lasers to them, and-“

The sergeant cleared his throat. “Are you quite finished?”

Changmin shouted, “No!” but he was interrupted by the sergeant. “As I was saying, we’re not going to kill you. He is.” The sergeant pointed to Junsu and then turned back to the console and pressed a few more buttons.

Yoochun laughed, but it was a nervous laugh. “What are you doing? Min, what is he doing?”

Changmin squinted and looked at Junsu. His vision being better than Yoochun’s, he could see the wires attached to Junsu’s body. “Oh, no.”

When Junsu began to convulse in his glass cell, it was clear that he was being electrocuted. Yoochun struggled in his seat. “Junsu-yah! Junsu-yah! Leave him alone, motherfucker!”

Even Changmin’s icy façade began to crack. “Please stop hurting him! Why are you hurting him?”

Without turning around, the sergeant addressed them again. “Oh, Mr. Shim, I’m sure you know exactly why I’m hurting him. I’m waiting for him to defend himself.”

Junsu was clearly in excruciating pain, yet the sergeant was unhappy with the results. He stopped manning the console and tapped at the glass as Junsu slumped to the floor. “Why, Mr. Kim? Why won’t you defend yourself?”

Yoochun intoned solemnly, “Junsu would never use his powers to hurt anyone.”

The sergeant walked over to a large cabinet on Yoochun’s side of the room and started rummaging around. “Never?” he asked. Finding what he wanted, he turned towards Junsu and made some animated gesticulations that neither Yoochun nor Changmin could see, but that clearly alarmed Junsu. Junsu struggled to get to his feet and started to pound on the glass. The sergeant turned his back to the glass, faced his other two captives and silently began to play “Eeni-Meeni-Myni-Mo” with them. It was then that Yoochun and Changmin saw what had made Junsu so frightened; the sergeant was wielding a ball-peen hammer.

When the sergeant’s rhyme was over, Yoochun had been chosen. As the hunter strode over to his prey, Junsu began to throw his body against the glass. Yoochun’s eyes widened in fear as the sergeant brushed his bangs away from his forehead. The sergeant spoke. “Behold the hammer. It is one of mankind’s oldest, most simple, most primitive tools. But watch as I use this simplest of tools to control one of the most powerful mutants in the world!”

The sergeant drew his arm back.

Yoochun winced. He was later surprised to note that his last thought had been of her.

And the bullet-and-soundproof glass encasement that held Kim Junsu began to rattle.

“Enough!” cried Junsu.

The sergeant smiled slowly.

Junsu hung his head in defeat. “I’ll…I’ll do anything you want. Just please don’t hurt them.”

No one will ever know what made the sergeant do what he did next. Perhaps he was trying to teach Junsu a lesson; that he should obey his new masters without hesitation.

The sergeant brought the hammer down hard onto Yoochun’s right hand. There was a sickening crunch, and Yoochun let out a bloodcurdling scream.

Junsu, rising into the air within the chamber, let loose an unholy howl.

The glass shattered.

And the sergeant fell down dead, ears bleeding and impaled by hundreds of shards of glass. With tears in his eyes, Junsu flew to Yoochun’s side but just as he was within a fingertip’s reach, he froze in mid-air.

Into the room strode Captain Han Nam-il. He clapped his hands. "Gentlemen, we have a winner!"

Changmin scowled. "You're a monster. All he ever wanted to do was make people happy! It's what he lives for. How...how could you?"

Captain Han widened his eyes in mock horror. "But, Mr. Shim, I am not the murderer! That would be your precious Junsu."

Tears began to stream down Junsu's face. He whimpered. "I didn't mean it! Please, I'm so-"

Captain Han cut him off. "I tire of hearing you speak, Mr. Kim. Be silent." With that, Junsu fell unconscious.

His chest heaving in an effort to control the pain coursing through his body, Yoochun spoke. "You're a mutant... like us... aren't you?"

"Yes, Mr. Park. It is as you say." Han replied.

"But the power dampeners...don't seem to have an...effect on you. Are you...like Junsu?"

"No. It took...extensive training to even be able to use my powers offensively. I have a personal anti-dampener that I keep on me. It allows me to use my powers in a small radius of space under a large power dampening system."

Yoochun nodded. "So you have telekinesis."

Captain Han corrected him. "Telekinesis and telepathy. I'm a Psion, like Mr. Shim here and..."the Captain paused and smiled maliciously, "your girlfriend. Save your strength, Mr. Park, and refrain from asking any more questions. This is not an interview, you are incarcerated."

Captain Han then turned to Changmin. "As a fellow Psion, you must understand the burden, Mr. Shim, the effort it takes to control one's powers, especially when under duress. I am a busy man and I need a favor from you."

"Fuck you, babo."

"You don't know what the favor is yet."

"Fuck. You."

Do you want Junsu to kill everyone in this building?"

Changmin sighed and hung his head. "No."

"Then agree to help me."

Yoochun interrupted. "Don't do it, Min. Better we all die here, than we become monsters."

"Save your opinion for your Cyworld, Mr. Park." Captain Han knelt down and rolled Junsu onto his back. His eyes were glassy and he was drooling.

Changmin gulped. "He's catatonic. what do you need me to do?"

"Keep him that way." And with that, Captain Han produced a sharp knife from a small scabbard attached to his belt, opened Junsu's mouth and, as he forcefully riveted the eyes of both men to the scene, cut out his tongue.

"What. The. Fuck?" cried Yoochun, as the Captain carefully placed Junsu's tongue into a bag of dry ice.

For once, Changmin was too stunned to speak. Instead, he vomited. Captain Han then immediately poked Changmin with a large needle and injected something hard into his neck. He whispered, "This is your personal anti-dampener." He stepped away quickly. "In two minutes, I am going to let go of Mr. Kim's mind. It will then be your responsibility to keep him...sedated...until we have use for him. Don't bother trying to use it on the guards, as your anti-dampener only allows you about a meter in diameter of influence. Besides, you don't want Junsu to wake up and find what has happened to him, do you? I'm sure it would...break him."

When the guards came to take them away, Changmin was informed that since he was used to only sleeping about four hours a night, that he would need to keep Junsu in a catatonic state for the other twenty hours of the day, while Captain Han would relieve him at his discretion.

Yoochun insisted on carrying Junsu. Changmin was exasperated with this. "Hyung, I can use my telekinesis to carry him. Take it easy on your hand!"

Yoochun sneered back. "I'm not letting anyone else touch him right now."

"Hyung," Changmin intoned softly, "you can't heal him."

Tears stung Yoochun's eyes. He whispered, "Please, Min. Just until we get back to our cell. Let me do something for him."

And so it was that when three younger members of Dong Bang Shin Ki returned to their cell, it was Yoochun carrying Junsu over his shoulder with Changmin following close behind, concentrating to not only keep Junsu unconscious, but to staunch the bleeding in his mouth and to hold the bones in Yoochun's hand together. Gently, Yoochun laid Junsu down on the lower half of the only bunk bed in the room, while Changmin slumped to the ground and covered his face in his hands.

"Oh my God!" exclaimed Jaejoong.

"What the hell happened?" asked Yunho.

Yoochun slid to the ground next to the foot of Junsu's bed and pointed at Changmin. "Why don't you ask Genius over there what happened?"

"I think the question was directed at both of you. Answer your hyung!" cried Jaejoong, who was beginning to panic.

Changmin lifted his head. He was shaking. "They...he...Captain Han...cut...he cut out Junsu's tongue!" He looked from Jaejoong to Yunho, watched as they blanched in horror. "He made us watch. He. Made. Us. Watch!"

Jaejoong rushed to Junsu's side and cradled him in his arms as Yunho gathered the other men to him. He whispered softly to Yoochun. "Chunnie, we've had a rough time these last few months, haven't we?" Yoochun nodded and Yunho continued, "And what do you say?"

Yoochun stared at Yunho, confused. He blinked his tears away and whispered back. "Always...always keep the faith?"

"That's right. And that's what we've got to do now. Keep the faith."

Changmin looked up and into Yunho's warm brown eyes. "Really, Yunho, really? That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. I mean, Yoochun got that from KAT-TUN. Come up with something original sometime."

Yunho frowned. "Well, it's all I've got right now, so suck it up."


Aug. 22nd, 2009 12:26 am (UTC)
It was a pleasure to do so. Yoochun was so dysfunctional in The Slave Dancer!
Aug. 22nd, 2009 12:29 am (UTC)
omg...you should check out The Magician's Quest and yeah, I always write Yoochun as dysfunctional...it's too easy.

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