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Chunniliciousness ahoy!

This is a short one.

We pick up where we left off; in the classroom with Obsessive Fangirl Expy throwing a shit fit. Yunho being all possessive responds to OFE's charges that Hye Bin don't got game by AGREEING WITH HER and then saying he's GOING TO FILL HER UP IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. Hye Bin just looks confused. Yoochun gets this look that says ALL RIGHT HO, YOU FUCKING ASKED FOR IT and finally decides to play his trump card, which is stripping NO, grabbing his crotch while licking his lips and giving a "come hither" stare, NO, playing the piano like some sort of beautiful demigod. He just has to wait for the right moment...

...which coincidentally comes along in the VERY NEXT SCENE I AM NOT FUCKING KIDDING YOU. Ms. Dominatrix has hurt her finger and requests Yoochun to come to the front of the class and bang her on top of the piano play the piano for her. He acquieses, but only so he can "play a piano piece for the PERSON I love" and since Ms. Dominatrix thinks it's her, she allows it.




THIS STATEMENT COULD BE OPEN TO INTERPRETATION. I believe that I would not be incorrect in stating that 2U was being heavily shipped at the time, even being pushed by SM (may they rot in hell). The tension between Yoochun and Yunho in scenes where they are alone is pretty fucking palpable, and Yoochun stares at Yunho in this scene almost as much as he gives meaningful glances to Hye Bin. I'M JUST PUTTING THIS OUT THERE.

HOWEVER, after Yoochun puts his pimp hands down on the piano and lots of meaningful glances are exchanged, we get OMG A FLASHBACK wherein we find out that not only does Yoochun suffer from gender confusion, but that Hye Bin is his NEW OLD FLAME, which kind of makes you wonder about why he let Yunho treat her the way he has.


There is an OBLIGATORY YOOCHUN CRYING MOMENT and then fluid transfer via lollipop I TOLD YOU IT HAD MEANING before we dissolve back to the present. The teacher is weeping because HE'S A STUDENT, SHE'S A TEACHER AND IT'S JUST WRONG and also because she's missed all the MEANINGFUL LOOKS being exchanged. Yoochun, ever the Pimp, ignores her and keeps playing while Yunho gives him the death stare. OH IT'S ON, NOW.




It's time for a confrontation. It's just Yoochun and Yunho IN AN EMPTY ROOM WITH LOTS OF FLAT SURFACES IN THEIR SCHOOLBOY UNIFORMS UNF. Again, it's a tribute to Yunho's abilities that he does not come off as a possessive asshole yet here (HATERS 2DALEFT). Instead, he looks kind of sad and frightened, like MOTHERFUCKER CAN'T I GET A BREAK?

Yunho: Do you...like Hye Bin?

Here is where Yoochun channels his pimp self.

Yoochun: Aren't I allowed to?


Yoochun just said, WITH HIS FACE, "Bitch, you ain't got shit. And you kinda wanna kiss me now, don't you? Yes. You. Do."

And Yunho responds by grabbing The Pimp by the lapels and pulling him precariously closer to his lips. I SHIT YOU NOT. But, since this is, believe it or not, NOT A 2U FANFIC, Yunho, feeling a little uncomfortable, lets him go. Yoochun mercifully does not smack a Ho. Yunho, being the genius that he is (look it up, motherfucker is an INVENTOR) takes a different course of action.

Basically, he tells The Pimp that he can like her all he wants, but it'll have to be that LOVE FROM AFAR sort of thing. Because, U-Know (hee, I made a funny), THAT'LL WORK.

Yoochun does not take kindly to this. He's all WHAT YOU GONNA DO BOUT IT, HUH? YOU GONNA STOP ME?

Yunho slaps his hands onto Yoochuns' beautiful, wide shoulders, leans in real close and kisses him says OH YOU JUST WAIT I'M BRINGING IN THE BIG GUNS NOW, YOU CRYBABY MOTHERFUCKER.

And they stand there, their lips mere inches apart for about 8 tension-filled seconds.


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Aug. 15th, 2009 07:00 pm (UTC)
I wrote a 2U yaoi fanfic. I come prepared for any dbsk pairing possibility.
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