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First Love Part Two: Electric Boogaloo

First Love Part Two with English subtitles. Still made of gold and crack.

We open with Hye Bin just having finished with the cleaning of the gym per the orders from her BDSM master Yunho, when suddenly...

Obsessive Fangirl Expy comes on the scene. Here's where it gets a little weird. OFE has two younger male groupies (perhaps she is modeling herself after Ms. Dominatrix?) who wear skirts for no apparent reason. OFE demands that Hye Bin forget all about Yunho...because Yunho is hers, despite the fact that we have seen no evidence of this to this point. Hye Bin is as confused as we are, and even more clueless about her own situation. She claims not to like Yunho, which sets OFE off.

Hye Bin: I don't like guys like Yunho. (LIES!)
OFE: Bitch, you crazy.

And like anyone remotely aware of reality, OFE attempts to smack some sense into Hye Bin, only to be foiled by Yoochun and his Pimp Hand. Again Hye Bin and Yoochun exchange MEANINGFUL LOOKS THAT LEAD TO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING GAH.

Cut to: Sports class.

Now, I'm a little confused here, because unless I am mistaken, Yunho had ordered Hye Bin to the gym directly after school and then told her to CLEAN UP HIS DAMN MESS WOMAN. Unless she was up all night cleaning up after the kumdo club, people should be, you know, GOING HOME AT SOME POINT. But no, it's now sports class, so perhaps it is true that Hye Bin was up all night cleaning. ANYWAY, Hye Bin makes a not so subtle effort to get close to Yoochun during warmups, an action which inflames Yunho's jealousy. MOAR MEANINGFUL LOOKS ARE EXCHANGED OMG, Yunho pouts and plots his revenge and Ms. Dominatrix shows up because her body is rigid OMFG I WISH I WERE KIDDING. So too is the Submissive Gym Teacher, who rescues her from lawsuit hell after she attempts to engage Yunho and Yoochun in a threesome some flexibility-testing exercises. Ahem. SGT sends Yunho and Yoochun off to play team basketball (what could go wrong?) and then leads Ms.Dominatrix away for some diaper play and spankings "stretching".

Cut to: Basketball game.


Each boy has his own cheering section and like the naughty, disobedient girl she is (that or very, very clever) Hye Bin sits in the Yoochun section. Yunho makes a basket. Obsessive Fangirl Expy flails. BUT YUNHO CARES NOT FOR OBSESSIVE FANGIRL EXPY. He looks straight to Hye Bin for approval. She looks bored. Yunho is sad. Yoochun takes advantage of his opponent's emotional state and jukes him, scoring a basket for his team. Yoochun looks to Hye Bin for approval and SINCE HE IS THE PIMP AND ALL, he gets it. This only upsets Yunho more. He gets desperate. So he fouls Yoochun, which was a bad call on his part, because now Hye Bin thinks he's an even bigger jerk. When he sees the horrified look on her face, he is devastated. At this point, I'm beginning to wonder who really is the sensitive one here.


...one-upping each other, but we never see who wins the game (foreshadowing) and we cut abruptly to Hye Bin in her room mooning over Yoochun. Everything he does is dreamy, including getting knocked on his ass by Yunho, apparently. She is, for the good of us all, interrupted from her reverie by the UNF UNF bass tones of Yunho, calling to her from underneath her bedroom window JUST LIKE ROMEO AND JULIET OMG.

Cue: Yunho in all his Rising Sun glory, leaning on his motorcycle, beckoning her to him with a single finger UNF. She obeys her Master and comes outside. If you are familiar with very basic Korean, you will hear her address him as "Yunho-yah", which means they have a close relationship (so much for not liking him). Like a good Master, he replies frostily, "Why weren't you at Kumdo practice? Who told you to go home without the word of your owner?" BECAUSE I'D LIKE TO GET SOME SLEEP SOME TIME THIS WEEK, she did not answer. Instead she tries to act all ignorant about the terms of their arrangement. Yunho gently puts her in her place and then tells her to get on his bike. It may surprise you to note that he says all these things as tenderly and gently as he does, yet firmly, like a father chastising a wayward child. It's called subtlety, and it's one more fine example of Yunho's acting ability. HATERS 2 DA LEFT.

What comes next is a scene that if you found the "Henry the XIII" story from Ghost romantic (the "I annoyed her until she agreed to go out on a date with me" method), you will swoon like mad here. Yunho takes Hye Bin for a ride on his motorcycle. As he speeds through Seoul and she shrieks in fright he offers her a few options:

Do you want to go out with me or do you want to fall into the HanGang River?!

Do you want to go out with me, or do you want to die together?! Trust me, it's kinda funny and charming IN CONTEXT. Especially when followed with:

Do you want to go out with me or do you want to buy me dinner?!

FOR A MOMENT, JUST A MOMENT, SHE SMILES before returning back to being terror-stricken. Yunho smiles.

What? You're going to go out with me?


He smiles the sweetest smile, then accelerates the motorbike even more, causing her to spontaneously wrap her arms around his midsection. You know, like she probably should have been doing the whole time SO SHE DOESN'T FUCKING FALL OFF JFC.

The next day...the classroom is filled with gossip. Yunho has already put the word out, it seems, and Yoochun is the last one to know. The couple enter the room with Hye Bin looking like they'd just had sex on his motorbike in the parking lot. Yunho makes sure to show any doubters what is really up by insisting that Hye Bin sit with him. What is amazing is that Yoochun is even shocked about this turn of events. Obsessed Fangirl Expy is beyond pissed.

Yoochun is going to have to bring his A game if he wants to keep up even a semblance of a position in this little love triangle. But don't worry, he's got something in his pants up his sleeve.


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Aug. 15th, 2009 04:08 am (UTC)
actually it was the Haptic commercials that made me a Yoochun crackhead. His attempt to woo Yoona ( omg in the Ferris wheel) that made me squirm like a fan girl.
Aug. 15th, 2009 04:47 am (UTC)
I just now saw that for the first time.





Just when I thought he couldn't get more charming and wonderful.

Aug. 15th, 2009 04:58 am (UTC)
I know
Aug. 15th, 2009 05:13 am (UTC)
I can't find the crab gif...but here's a few to make up for it..

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