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First, news that isn't going to make everyone scroll down. I am finally attending my third Tori Amos concert. The first was during the Plugged 98 Tour, the second was the Strange Little Tour in 2001 and now I will be there for the Sinful Attraction Tour. I had a ticket for the Five and a Half Weeks Tour, but that fell through for reasons that I will go into more fully some other time. Because I have to retain some mystery, don't I?

Anyway, I found this lovely fan-made tribute video that I would like to share with you. It's DBSK, being DBSK (shocking, I know) and the music is by Beyonce.

Come back here! I'm not finished.

Anyway, it's very pretty and uplifting and even though I hate Beyonce with the passion of a million exploding suns, she's actually pretty good here. Anthems suit her. Think of it as a sampler. Five guys who clearly love the hell out of eachother, working their asses off to make people smile. Gets me a little misty and I'm a relatively new fangirl.

Why am I showing this to you? Honestly, I'm evangelizing. Everybody does it with something, whether it's with Battlestar Galactica, their mom's barbeque, or Korean boy bands. I'm sharing this with you because they make me happy, which is some accomplishment these days, and because deep down, I hope some of you will catch the bug too and we can squee like teenagers together (I grew up in the early to mid-90s, when there was no squeeing. Thanks, grunge.). Also, it means less random facts about them that I spew at my husband, who is amused but...uh, doesn't share my enthusiasm. So yeah.

Watch and enjoy. From me to you.

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