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A day already loaded with meaning...

...and it's only just begun.

First, the big one.

Most people believe that the "guy standing in front of the tank" picture is the most appropriate, but I believe that this one is more effective, so there's no question as to what happened. I remember seeing film footage of the protesters on the news, but they never showed the aftermath. At the time, I really believed they could pull it off. I think many of us did. And it broke my heart. And what's worse, is most young people DON'T EVEN REMEMBER. Censorship works, folks.

The Tiananmen Square Massacre was 20 years ago today.

And now, David Carradine is dead of an apparent suicide.

I never got to see Kung Fu, but I know of people who enjoyed it. For me, I will always remember his amazing work in Kill Bill, Vols I & II. I believed it then, and I believe it now that he deserved an Oscar nomination. But the Academy couldn't see past Tarantino's fanboy squee-fest to see the brilliance. Farewell, Grasshopper.

On a lighter note...

It's Park Yoochun's 23rd birthday.

Happy Birthday, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful darling boy. *sigh*

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